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Urban Sands Property Management

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Urban Sands is a first-class property management company specializing in long-term and short-term rental management, vacation rentals and real estate sales. Our focus is to provide you with a boutique management experience for San Diego homeowners. You and your property are important to us. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of property management while our team takes care of the details! Join the list of happy owners who have been able to increase their annual revenue with short-term and long-term rentals!

Short-Term Vacation Rental Management

Work with us to create a vacation rental experience that guests will love. With full-service advertising and marketing, your rental listing will be optimized and seen frequently on the top vacation rental platforms. Increase the views, increase the bookings! Here’s what else you can expect:

Monthly Income Statements

Stay in the know. Keep a pulse on how well your property is doing with monthly income statements. These provide you with the insights you need so you can plan for the future.

Cleaning / Inventory Management

Quality and care cannot be left to chance. Your property will sparkle with routine housekeeping services. With a standard checklist for cleaning and inventory, nothing will get missed. Make sure your guests always have what they need with inventory management.

Interior Design & Photo Freshen-up

Spruce up and elevate the style of your home with our interior design support. Photos taken by a professional will increase your chances of getting booked and staying booked!

Customer Interaction

Communication is essential in any partnership. Feel free to contact the team at Urban Sands Realty at any time. We prioritize our communication with you. With transparent information on the status of your property, you’ll stay up to date. At Urban Sands Realty, there won’t be any surprises.

Maintenance Request Management

Keeping up with maintenance prevents minor repairs from becoming major ones. With everything in tip-top shape, your property will stay ready. Exterior and interior maintenance, pest control, trash and recycling, and safety checks are just some of the features of this type of management.

Digital Payment Portal

Easy for guests and easy for you. Access funds straight away using the Digital Payment Portal!

Vacation Rental Management

Pulling off the perfect vacation rental experience for your guests can be tricky. But that is what our team at Urban Sands Realty is for. We’ll help you create a vacation rental experience so awesome that guests will be raving about it in their reviews. Feel that peace of mind knowing that our detail-oriented team hasn’t missed a thing. Your guests will always have what they need with services that include rental setup, inventory checks, and supply delivery. Their space will always be clean and safe with Urban Sands Realty handling maintenance requests and scheduled cleanings. Rest easy knowing Urbans Sands Realty has you covered from marketing, guest interactions and bookkeeping. You’ll find a true full-service vacation rental management company in Urban Sands Realty!

Long-Term Property Management

Our brokerage is excited to handle your long-term rental needs! We’ll take care of the marketing, tenant placement, maintenance and more. We’ll help you provide exceptional living spaces for all tenants. Despite having less turnover than short-term rentals, change always has its challenges. That’s why we’re ready to assist you in making sure turnovers are done as smoothly as possible and that you get the right people staying at your property. Know that your property is taken care of with:

Tenant Placement

Get matched with qualified tenants for your amazing property. Rest assured knowing efficient screening and vetting measures will be done to lead you to the right tenants. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing background and credit checks on potential tenants are done.

Maintenance Management

Keep your property in optimal condition with our seamless maintenance program. We’ll take care of maintaining an environment that tenants will be excited to live in. Your property will be in the hands of our expert professionals. Exterior and interior maintenance, pest control, and more are featured with long-term rental management.

Digital Payment Portal

Going paperless is better for the environment. With automatic invoices and payments from tenants, you’ll go green while getting your green!

Long-Term Property Management

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and making money on your investment should be easy. At Urban Sands Realty, we get you. That is why you’ll find our brokerage handles all of your long-term rental needs. You’ll feel less stress as we handle every aspect of the process for you. You won’t have to worry about marketing, tenant placement, repairs, and maintenance, rent collection, turnovers, and bookkeeping. Change can be hard, that is why the team at Urban Sands Realty makes sure that turnovers are done as efficiently as possible to keep your open units to a minimum. Trust is important and takes time. You’ll feel like part of the family as we keep you updated on the extensive and thorough application process. This includes running credit and background checks, speaking with past landlords, and doing personal phone calls with each applicant to ensure that we get the perfect fit for your rental.

Real Estate Transactions

Calling all investors seeking out their next investment property! Are you one of them?
Working with the team at Urban Sands will assist you in choosing the best property to meet your needs. Meet with the knowledgeable professionals of Urban Sands who are highly familiar with the area and who stay on top of market trends and values.

Buying your first home?
Choosing a home for you and your loved ones should be handled with care. And we understand that. That’s why it’s important to us to help you find your forever home!

Have you decided to sell?
Urban Sands will help you minimize the stress of selling while maximizing your earnings. Sell your home for the value it deserves with Urban Sands! Tap into the knowledge and experience of our team so you can market your home and reach potential investors and buyers with ease.

Manage Your Property the Right Way with Urban Sands

You know success takes a great team, and Urban Sands is ready to collaborate to reach your financial goals. With peace of mind, manage your property successfully with Urban Sands. Never miss a beat with our trustworthy professionals who know to the ins and outs of long-term and short-term rentals. And if you are buying or selling a home, our team will find the find the perfect listing or buyer for you! With Urban Sands, you’ll receive the best property management options and customized real estate solutions unique to your needs. Come experience the white-glove treatment yourself at Urban Sands.

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Urban Sands Realty & Vacation Rentals is a one-stop shop for all things real estate, sales, vacation rental management, and long-term management – we do it all. Feel comfortable and well-informed throughout the whole process, because when you choose Urban Sands Realty, you become part of our family. Rest assured knowing that everything with your investment property will be handled with care. If you are interested in working with us, please reach out!